Raw Feeding & Canine Nutrition Workshop for Puppy Owners

This online workshop is a good fit for puppy owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for proper growth & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular growing puppy’s needs.

The workshop is about feeding typical & healthy puppies from weaning to adulthood. This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age.

Workshop Orientation

The orientation is pre-recorded and outlines the workshop and tech information you’ll need to access the training platform & workshop materials.

Private Training Platform/Classroom

All of the courses, workshops, and programs I offer are taught on my training platform that has been built to house individual private classrooms & group trainings.

Pre-recorded Content Modules 

This online workshop about canine nutrition & raw feeding puppies for proper growth is taught across nine (9) pre-recorded modules with detailed lessons taught in easy-to-understand language.

Modules include both audio & visual content.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The Basics of a Growing Puppy’s Energy Needs & the Correct Math to Use for Raw Feeding

  • Macronutrients for Growth Diets: Protein & Amino Acids, Fat & Fatty Acids, and Carbohydrates

  • Introduction to Essential Vitamins for Growth

  • Introduction to Essential Minerals for Growth

  • Fiber & Growth Diets

  • Canine Ancestral Diet, NRC, AAFCO, & FEDIAF Nutrient Requirements for Healthy Puppies Explained

  • Education About Bioavailable Sources Of Essential Nutrients: Whole Foods and Manufactured Supplements

  • Information About How To Easily Build Bowls that Provide Recommended Nutrition for Your Typical/Healthy Puppy

  • Functional Support for Growing Puppies

Puppy Owner Toolkit (Updated for 2022!)

Your Puppy Owner Toolkit Contains:

  • Water Requirements Calculator (New!)
  • Vitamin & Amino Acid Boosting Calculators (New!)
  • Growth Calorie Calculator with Calorie Recommendations for Your Puppy that Adjusts with Growth
  • Nutrient Calculator with Recommended Allowances Configured for Your Particular Puppy

Workshop Student Perks

  • 10% Student Discount (Active for 1-Year from Date of Workshop Purchase)

  • Access to the Dog Owner Affiliate Program 

  • Automatic Updates to Content Anytime I Make Changes or Upgrades

Enrollment is Currently Closed

This workshop does not include meal recipes formulated by me or professional diet formulation training. 

This workshop is not for professional formulators. If you are interested in a professional consultation, want to work together on a project collaboration, or have an interest in my Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP™) Certificate Program, please visit the Pro tab on the menu and/or email support@caninedietformulation.com to talk about what you have in mind.