Prey Model Raw Plus (PMR+)

Prey Model Raw Plus (PMR+) is a newer term but not a new feeding method. Some feeders like to add foods that bring recommended daily nutrition to their dog’s meal for balance. This is PMR with the influence of NRC (Nutrients Requirements for Dogs and Cats). Also known as PMR+.

The feeder doesn’t want to reduce the amount of the primary muscle meat/protein ratio in the meal. (The PMR part) Instead, the person adds (+) other biologically appropriate raw foods (The BARF part) in amounts appropriate for their dog. PMR+ feeders also often adjust the calcium % they offer their dogs through the bone ratio. Many feeders also consider the NRC recommended allowances when building their ratios.

Raw Feeding Tip: 10% bone is a boilerplate number. It is the baseline that you shouldn’t go below. Many adult dogs do well with between 12%-15% bone. It has been studied and found the best % of bone to feed a typical adult dog is 13%. Because it is so important to feed the dog in front of you and not shove the dog into a boilerplate template of 80/10/5/5, we have created an adjustable bone % calculator for the PMR + feeding methodology. We don’t advocate for PMR only so this calculator will give you the data you need to build your foundation ratios with. You can utilize it by clicking or pressing here. #feedthedoginfrontofyou