Prey Model Raw Feeding (PMR)

prey model rawPMR or Prey Model Raw is also known as Franken Prey. The PMR modified method of whole prey feeding mimics the ratio of muscle meat, bone, and organs found in that of whole small prey. Some feeders factor fish and egg into the protein portion. This balance is accomplished by using a variety of protein sources. Generally, no processed foods, grains, vegetables, fruit, or dairy is fed and supplementing is kept to a bare minimum if any.

The basis of PMR feeding uses the following guidelines: 80% muscle meat/protein, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organs (OSO). A PMR meal is generally fed in pieces or cuts of meat, which helps keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated.

*Remember these are just guidelines and may need to be adjusted to fit your dog’s specific needs. What you select as the foods for each %’s matters regarding how much nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your dog benefits from.

*Note: The bowl pictured does have oysters and eggs which is not 80/10/5/5 but still does fit with prey model eating 

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