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We promote a good-natured & helpful vibe in our community.

After all, Southern California is known for our collection of friendly & mellow people!

About SoCal Raw Fed Dogs

A raw diet formulating company in Southern California that is home to the largest raw feeding community in the state. The Facebook community is a helpful & fun place for new & savvy raw feeders to hang out & talk about the different models we use to feed our dogs. The community is filled with intelligent and helpful people who like to hang out & talk about raw diets + clean sourcing in SoCal.

The SCRFD goals are to educate people about the benefits of feeding an optimal natural diet, to teach feeders about the value of high-quality prey/cuts of meat/grinds/etc & direct them to where to find those foods for their dogs at affordable prices. SCRFD tries to help make raw feeding dogs in Southern California easier!

A Message from the Founder: Sourcing Ethics & Who I Do Business With

As a dog owner, I am particular about where I source food from so I don’t refer to companies or farms that I wouldn’t use to feed my own dogs. I work with a preferred handful of raw food purveyors, ranches, farms, & micro-farms to access high-grade items at affordable prices. I work hard to create and foster the relationships I form with people. I check out their ingredients and discuss their sourcing and methodologies, & go hang out at their kitchens sometimes! We give the “Quality Control Team” aka our Labradors some of the products as a part of the assessment to make sure they are fans. I’m totally open to checking out new raw companies products & seeing if they’re a fit for our community recommendation list. I only do business with companies whose ethics and product integrity vibe with my business and feeding ethics. I created whole prey projects at the end of 2017 and they launched in early 2018. These projects allow me to provide my own clean food and support small California farming. 



Learn about the Founder, Amy Granillo, CHN, DipCN, CertCN